Send an SMS from EU or USA to anywhere in the world for only 5 US cents. Find out more

iVittamobile 2.0 SIM card.
Our best SIM yet

New features

  • DATA – Great data bundles available in EU, USA, Australia, Canada, Gibraltar, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Turkey - see FAQS for more details
  • SMS – Only 5 cents to send an SMS
  • OUTBOUND CALLS - great low rates worldwide

iVittamobile 2.0 credit vouchers

iVittamobile 2.0 SIM has its own credit voucher, available in $10 denominations

Available at many Seafaring Centres worldwide, all Wrist branches and online. To become a distributor please get in touch at
Download hya! using WiFi, local data or iVittamobile 2.0 data and enjoy even cheaper calls. Find out more