Send an SMS from EU or USA to anywhere in the world for only 5 US cents. Find out more
1GB data for 10 days for $10, 2GB data for 20 days for $20, 3GB data for 30 days for $30

What is
iVittamobile 2.0?

iVittamobile 2.0 is the latest and greatest SIM from iVitta

We are very excited to tell you about our updated worldwide iVittamobile 2.0 SIM card – powered by EE.

The iVittamobile 2.0 SIM cards, our best ever SIM card, is a fantastic new version of the original iVittamobile SIM with great new features.

EE are the largest 4G provider in Europe as well as the UK’s most advanced digital communications company, together we aim to provide you a higher level of service across the world.


New iVittamobile 2.0 features

  • DATA – Great data bundles available in EU, USA, Australia, Canada, Gibraltar, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Turkey - see FAQS for more details
  • SMS – Only 5 cents to send an SMS
  • OUTBOUND CALLS – great low rates worldwide
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